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  Fir Meadow LLC Herbs Kat Drovdahl & Jerry Drovdahl PO Box 324 Carlsborg,  WASHINGTON 98324 USA  www.firmeadowllc.com
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About Fir Meadow LLC Herbs

All of our livestock products Kat formulates. Some of the herbs we ship in from pesticide/herbicide free resources that Kat trusts. Some are organic, some are not, as not all herbs can be acquired with an organic label, and high quality wild crafted or naturally raised herbs Kat finds just as effective, without the higher price tag on them which would then have to be passed on to you. She also raises many of her own herbs (over 70 at last count) in an organic manner.

You will find many of those in her livestock tinctures and salves. You will find these products to have strong herbal smells and colors- we do not adulturate our products and use highly efficiacious herbs. We use them here on our farm too- she NEEDs them to work! She also places safety high on her list of priorities, and does not use toxic, habit forming, or poisenous plants, formulates in a way that pregnant & lactating creatures and all species can use all products (except the CyclEaze which is not for anything that could be pregnant). We also offer steam distilled & CO2 extracted pure essential oils that she has sourced from wholesalers with integrity that multi test every batch of their oil.

Kat offers consultations via email, in person and by phone for both human wellness concerns and for pet and livestock concerns. Consultations must be prepaid before an appointment is set up. Payments currently can be received by check, by money order, or by paypal. Appointments will generally be set up for Tuesday through Thursday afternoons, Pacific Standard Time.

Kat does speak at conferences and conventions and can offer Iridology and reflexology at many of those. Contact her by email if you would like to set up a conference to find out her availability and fees.

She also raises, along with her husband, a nationally recognized and awarded herd of LaMancha dairy goats, with a couple of Toggenburgs thrown in for variety. They are on a complete alternative health program, yet are able to receive Best in Show, Top Ten milkers (in the US), and high appraisal scores. We sell milking stock and breeding stock every year and ship US wide. Please see that website if that interests you. They also curently raise Norwegian fjord horses, great pyrenees guardian dogs, a barn cat, assorted chickens (mostly australorps), and a couple of pigs each year. She has owned and worked with most types of farmstock and even exotics such as iguanas and geckos. If the creature is important to you, then it is important to her.

Your purchase or use of any product that we offer implies your taking full responsibility in use and in safeguarding them from children, creatures, or mentally inequipped persons from use as well as proper storage.

Per the FDA's requirements we do not make any claims of prevention, cure, or treatment with any of our products, nor can we or will we diagnose. Kat is not a licensed medical doctor or veterinarian and makes no claims express or implied to be either. She has claimed her 9th amendment rights to be able to offer any products and services she chooses that are not expressly forbidden by law. If a diganosis is wanted, you may always consult a licensed professional for that service.

Katherine's book walks animal owners through easy to very difficult situations with herbs, herb products, essential oils and other alternative modalities. Over 500 pages covering every body system and the entire lifecycle as well as additional chapters on animal husbandry, herbal foundations teaching not normally found in books, livestock gardening, dosaging, milking stock, parasites, rescues and more. Touted as "destined to become one of the great herbals of the century". Order yours directly from the author today. Signed copies available. Katherine is a life long livestock, pet, poultry and horse owner with a Master's Degree in Herbalism and International Certification in Aromatherapy, Iridology, Quantum Touch, and state certified in Reflexology.

May you and your beloved creatures find Abundance in Wellness!
Kat Drovdahl

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