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About Good Karma Ranch

An effort to create good karma often begins with great change. For us, this change led to establishing Good Karma Ranch in 2009. Our goal was simple: we wanted to build an environmentally friendly farm in Iron Station, NC, one we could be proud of. Our search for a sustainable livestock solution led us directly to alpacas.

At Good Karma Ranch, we are committed to building a sustainable future for the alpaca industry. Alpacas fit in seamlessly with our farming practices, so we love introducing them to new customers, breeding them for existing owners, and creating the highest quality products from their luxurious and renewable fiber. And while we re certainly proud of our ever-growing Huacaya herd and our line of alpaca products, our true passion lies in being advocates for these refined and gentle animals.

Of course, if you've ever spent time with alpacas, you know exactly what we re talking about. Aside from their inherent beauty and lovable disposition, we were drawn to alpacas because they fit in seamlessly with our eco-friendly farming practices. Since alpacas possess renewable fiber and have a minimal impact on the land, they stand perfectly alongside our solar-powered barn and our organically maintained pastures.

Today the ranch produces ideal Huacaya alpacas that feature champion bloodlines and dark colors. From the very beginning, we dedicated ourselves to a scientific and visually objective approach to breeding that ensured a proud herd filled with ideal alpacas. That s why we re not only known regionally as the place to purchase a world-class bloodline to complement your existing herd, but also as a top-flight mentor for new farmers when it comes to alpaca care, breeding and training.

A beautiful result of having ideal alpacas is that they possess the finest fiber. By exhibiting the industry s most valued fleece characteristics, Good Karma Ranch has the unique ability of creating world-class products made from alpaca fiber, products that rival cashmere and angora when it comes to softness and durability. Furthermore, we re a member of the Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA), a co-op committed to the growth and expansion of the alpaca fiber industry in the United States.

Of course, when it comes to our alpacas and products, you don t just have to take our word for it. Seeing is believing. Whether you want to plan a visit to our ranch or catch us at a local festival, you'll find we're more than willing to spread the alpaca word. We host a family-friendly festival in the fall dedicated to supporting and shopping local, and a shearing day in the spring to educate the general public about alpacas and their fiber. So contact us to plan your visit. We and our alpacas will be waiting.

Alpaca fiber is considered a specialty fiber in part due to its rarity. There are approximately 4,000 tons of alpaca fiber available in comparison to 15,000 tons of cashmere or 2 million tons of wool. However, more significantly, the physical characteristics of the fiber explain its superior quality. Alpaca fiber is very soft, rivaling cashmere and angora. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, meaning it is free from dander and lanolin. Because of the natural construction of alpaca fiber there is very little to no "prickle factor" often associated with an allergic reaction to wool. The fiber is naturally flame retardant and will not absorb water. In addition, the fiber has a high tensile strength making products durable and long lasting. It is also highly thermal while being light-weight.

Alpacas produce a naturally renewable, fine luxurious fleece. They are gentle on the environment and so is the process of turning fleece into product. The distributors we work with are listed as Fair Trade Federation members as well as members of Green America Approved for People and Planet.

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